Fundación Valentía

What do we want?

To strengthen the capacities, skills and knowledge for entrepreneurship, seeking autonomy and economic growth, social inclusion, job and academic development, with advice, training, awareness and consulting.

To serve as intermediaries between beneficiaries and public, mixed and/or private entities, for the generation of productive activities within households or in community centers, to generate other sources of economic income.

To develop activities related to awareness, promotion, advice, training for human development, social inclusion, gender equality, reduction of inequality and the promotion of Human Rights.

To promote social justice, food security, environmental protection, conservation, recovery and use of renewable natural resources by raising awareness, promoting and training in sustainable agriculture.

We are a non-profit organization that seeks the social inclusion of families with members with disabilities, providing support, accompaniment, organization and promotion of various ventures for economic strengthening, which facilitates the sustainable development of their home and results in a better quality of life for the population groups served.


News and creativity

Some ventures we support

Our families are realizing their dream of having their own business and generating resources to improve their quality of life and that of their members. Like many of them, many households with members with disabilities hope to start their own business. Learn more about their projects, support by buying their products and sharing in your networks so that they can achieve their economic independence.
Emprendimiento valiente: Cokkettas

Sensual and sexy underwear

Emprendimiento valiente: Comida Típica Renyi

Typical special meals

Emprendimiento valiente: Sabor de mi Tierra

Collagen made from fish scales, natural seasoning and passion fruit tea

Emprendimiento valiente: Arepas Gloria

Arepas stuffed with cheese and traditional corn arepas

Emprendimiento valiente: Postres Ángel

Personal and sharing desserts in delicious flavors

Emprendimiento valiente: Pijamas Semari

Pajamas for ladies and children

Bravery Foundation, Smiles that inspire us.